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    Reduce headaches and fatigue
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    Improve memory and mood
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    Sleep better at night
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    Age well and feel good
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    Improve physical fitness

How to Hydrate

A real-time hydration monitor that helps stop dehydration before it starts

How to Hydrate How to Hydrate

How to Hydrate

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    Download the GECAᵀᴹ app and answer some simple questions to create your unique profile.

  • 02

    Wear your GECAᵀᴹ watch and it will automatically connect to your app and profile.

  • 03

    We will calibrate the watch and app to understand your body over a few days.

  • 04

    Once calibrated, your GECAᵀᴹ watch will tell you if you need water. Your app will tell you how much water you need.

Did you know?

Our sense of thirst not only degrades as we age, but it's our body's way of telling us that we are ALREADY dehydrated? Stay hydrated and stay ahead with GECAᵀᴹ !

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GECA™ features

  • Real-Time hydration

    Continuous, real-time hydration monitoring

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  • Notify

    Sensor provides notifications when user is dehydrating

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  • Trends overview

    Smart dashboard overview of trends

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  • Water intake

    App provides individualized water intake recommendations

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Your Personalized Hydration Coach

Build healthy hydration habits to reach your goals

Did you know?

Keeping well hydrated increases attention and short term memory of older adults?

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