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    Reduce headaches dizziness and fatigue
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    Improve cognition and mood
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    Sleep better at night
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    Age well and feel good
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    Improve athletic performance

How to Hydrate

A real-time hydration monitor that helps stop dehydration before it starts

How to Hydrate How to Hydrate

How to Hydrate

A real-time hydration monitor that helps energize your mind and power your body

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    Pre-order your GECA and become a part of an exclusive community of early testers

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    Download the Hydrostasis app and input your information

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    Start wearing your GECA and run a few short guided calibrations

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    Improve your hydration habtits and share your feedback with our team

Did you know?

Our sense of thirst not only degrades as we age, but it's our body's way of telling us that we are ALREADY dehydrated? Stay hydrated and stay ahead with Geca!

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GECA™ features

  • Real-Time hydration

    Continuous, real-time hydration monitoring

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  • Notify

    Sensor provides notifications when user is dehydrating

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  • Trends overview

    Smart dashboard overview of trends

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  • Water intake

    App provides individualized water intake recommendations

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Your Personalized Hydration Coach

Build healthy hydration habits to reach your goals

Keep yourself In the Blue™

Machine learning models trained on diverse skin tones, BMI, activity levels and other conditions

Multi-LED PPG detects tissue water content

Based on thousands of hours of hydration data

Non-invasive calibration process

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Your impact is great!

Did you know, by purchasing a GECA™ Hydration Monitor powered by Hydrostasis, you are joining an exclusive community of beta testers? In addition to improving your personal hydration, you will be helping the Hydrostasis team build future GECA™ models that can improve the lives of countless people. Thank you for choosing to make a difference – one sip at a time!

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